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Charitable Foundation Board Holds Annual Meeting for 2023

Clearfield County Charitable Foundation Holds Annual Meeting and Elects Board Officers

Photo Caption: CCCF Board Members sitting L-R Lisa Conrad Board Secretary, Jeb Soult Board Chairman, Jamie Straub and John Harpster Board Vice Chairman.  Standing L-R Joe Valenza, Maureen Gathagan, Dana Beauseigneur, Lee Grace Valigorsky and George Weidlein Trustee Representative for Mid Penn Bank.  Missing from photo – Lisa Kovalick, Chair of Grant Committee.

The Clearfield County Charitable Foundation Board of Directors recently held their annual reorganization meeting for 2023.    Appointed as board officers for the coming year were Jeb Soult as Chairman, John Harpster as Vice Chairman and Lisa Conrad as Board Secretary.     Board members also noted the passing in December of board member Bill Williams and shared that he was a great advocate for his hometown of Curwensville as well as those in need throughout Clearfield County.

During the annual meeting, board members discussed the overall status of the charitable foundation and noted the growth the organization achieved during 2022.    Most notable, the charitable foundation saw donations totaling over $2.1 million dollars with distributions going out to communities and individuals in Clearfield County totaling  $245,950 through community grants, scholarship awards, annual distributions from endowment funds and special requested distributions.    The organization also saw several new scholarship funds established during 2022 and there are several endowment and scholarship funds that are currently in the process of being established for 2023.    The organization also introduced an online application system for the community grant program during 2022 that is being expanded to include scholarships in 2023.

Board Chairman Soult stated “we are very pleased to report another positive year of growth for the Charitable Foundation.   During 2022 we were able to award community grants for projects in the Clearfield and DuBois areas, as well as significant grants to projects in Winburne and Houtzdale for emergency services projects, Curwensville for inclusive playground equipment and in Osceola Mills to help the community library, historical foundation, the Methodist Church, and the Columbia Volunteer Fire Company.    Through grants, scholarships, and annual allocations, the Charitable Foundation was able to award almost a quarter of a million dollars to Clearfield County communities.    The Charitable Foundation looks forward to an exciting and active year in 2023 with new endowments and scholarship funds that will be announced as soon as they are finalized”.

CCCF Executive Director Mark McCracken added “The Charitable Foundation Board greatly appreciates our individual clients, families and organizations that have set up endowment and scholarship funds with us.    We are always available to meet with anyone who is interested in setting up an endowment or scholarship fund to benefit their community or a particular organization.   We are also available to assist local attorneys, accountants and financial advisors as they work with their clients on estate planning and wills”.

Anyone interested in learning about the Charitable Foundation should visit the website at  www.clearfieldcharitablefoundation.org.   Secure online donations to any of the Charitable Foundation endowment or scholarship funds can be made through the website or by check made payable to the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation, with the fund name written in the memo line, and mailed to Clearfield Charitable Foundation, PO Box 1442, Clearfield PA 16830.

2022 Community Grant Awards Announced

The Clearfield County Charitable Foundation Board of Directors has announced their list of community grant awards for 2022 as follows: $2,000 to Western PA Police Athletic League in DuBois to fund WPAL Youth Programs, $500 to Cen-Clear Child Services Inc for printed materials for the Child Advocacy Center, $650 to Clearfield Borough Government / Clearfield Fire Department to purchase 1 Rapid Response Kit, $1,000 to Steve Livergood Jr. Christmas Eve Dinner Foundation for supplies and gifts for Christmas Eve Dinner event, $5,000 to Winburne Fire Company Number One for the purchase of a Fire/Rescue UTV Skid Unit, $1,000 to Houtzdale / Ramey EMS for Address Signage for residential homes to better identify home addresses, $5,000 to Curwensville PTC to purchase inclusive playground equipment at Curwensville Elementary School, $1,000 to Lawrence Township for additional equipment and work on the Lawrence Township Dog Park, $2,500 to Clearfield Area Baseball-Softball Corporation to purchase replacement equipment following the wall collapse and flooding damage at the Hyde / former Target building and $850 to Curwensville / Pike Township Historical Society for a project to preserve historical documents and photos.     These grants total $19,500 with $14,500 coming from investment earnings from several endowment funds and $5,000 coming from the Kurtz Clearfield, Curwensville, Lawrence Township Fund that funds projects in the 3 named municipalities.

Additionally, funding was awarded from the Sarah Jane Mattern Fund to 4 Osceola Mills organizations stipulated in the Mattern Estate documents that can apply for annual grant funding.   Those grant awards are as follows: $1,500 to Columbia Volunteer Fire Company for Kitchen Appliance Upgrades, $1,000 to Osceola Mills Community Library for painting, $2,000 to Osceola Mills Historical Foundation for preservation of building exterior walls and $1,500 to Osceola Mills United Methodist Church for interior wall repairs.

Fundraiser for Ava Evans Memorial Scholarship Fund – Oct 21st 2022

The family and friends of Ava Evans is holding a fundraiser selling t-shirts and sweatshirts to raise money for the Ava Evans Memorial Scholarship Fund. To see the information about the products available, search Sweet B on Facebook and you will find information about the fundraiser and who to contact.

Grant Application Deadline – 4PM Friday Sept 23rd

The deadline for interested parties to submit applications for project funding from the 2022 Clearfield County Charitable Foundation Grant Program is Friday, September 23rd at 4PM.   For 2022, applications are only being accepted via the online grant portal that can be accessed on the Charitable Foundation website at www.clearfieldcharitablefoundation.org.  The online grant portal opened on Monday, August 8th and will close promptly at 4PM on September 23rd.     Any organization that has started an online application is reminded that they must click the SUBMIT button on their application by 4PM on September 23rd to be considered by the CCCF Grant Committee for funding.

CCCF Executive Director Mark McCracken said “we are seeing quite a bit of activity with the online grant portal.   Many applications have been started and a few have already been submitted for consideration”.    As in past years, the Grant Committee will begin reviewing and scoring the applications after the deadline date.    McCracken added “the online application system appears to be working very well and will make it much easier for the Grant Committee members to sort through and review the applications”.    The software has a built in scoring system that will allow each individual committee member to score specific sections of the application, then each score will be combined and averaged to help the committee and the Charitable Foundation Board make the final selections.   Since inception, the grant program has distributed just under $170,000 for projects all over Clearfield County.   In 2021, 31 different organizations were awarded grant funding totaling $47,915.    

The Clearfield County Charitable Foundation Board of Directors and the Grant Committee encourage any organization that may have a viable project to visit the CCCF website and file a grant application.    It should be noted, filing organizations do not have to be a 501c3, but organizations that are not a 501c3 may need to partner with a municipal government or another 501c3 organization to serve as the pass thru agent for the grant funding.   

Clearfield County Charitable Foundation Announces Online Application Process for 2022 Community Grant Program

For the 2022 Community Grant Program, the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation will be utilizing a new online application process for organizations interested in applying for funding.     Since inception, the grant program has distributed just under $170,000 for projects all over Clearfield County and in 2021, 31 different organizations were awarded grant funding totaling $47,915.     

In prior years, the Charitable Foundation accepted grant applications via US mail, hand delivery or by scanned copy of the paper application attached and delivered via email.   For the 2022 grant cycle, only the applications filed using the online application process will be accepted for consideration.   Any applications submitted via hard copy or by attachment to an email WILL NOT be accepted or considered for funding.

The online grant portal will be open starting Monday, August 8th, 2022 through 4PM on Friday, September 23rd, 2022 via links provided on the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation website www.clearfieldcharitablefoundation.org.    Organizations interested in applying for project funding will see on the main webpage a button that says “CLICK HERE ON OR AFTER AUGUST 8TH TO SUBMIT A 2022 GRANT APPLICATION”.    Clicking the button will take the user to a second screen where they can choose between 2 other buttons, “SUBMIT A PROJECT APPLICATION FOR GENERAL GRANT FUNDING” which is what most organizations will choose, or, “SUBMIT FOR FUNDING FROM THE SARAH JANE MATTERN FUND” which is only available to 4 specific community organizations located in the borough of Osceola Mills.

Once the user selects the button to begin the submission process, they will see the following screen:

The first time an applicant accesses the page, they must click on the “New Applicant?” link under the E-mail box to set up their organization’s login account with the grant application software.    Once the account is set up, they can then use their email and password to sign in to begin or continue to work on their online application form.      Applicants should note, they can start working on their applications anytime on or after August 8th and can come back to the site to continue to add to or change the application up until 4PM on Friday, September 23rd, 2022.    All information and changes must be completed on the application and the SUBMIT button must be selected to officially submit the application for consideration by 4PM on Friday, September 23rd, 2022.    Any organizations that fails to click the SUBMIT button by the deadline will not have their application considered for funding.

First on the application form users will see the “Before You Begin” page which contains detailed instructions the user should review before they start to type information into their application form.   The user will also see screen tab buttons at the top of the screen that will allow them to jump to specific sections of the application as follows: “BEFORE YOU BEGIN”. “ORGANIZATION INFORMATION”, “KEY CONTACTS”, “REQUEST INFORMATION”, “BUDGET”, “ATTACHMENTS”, “AUTHORIZATION” and “REVIEW MY APPLICATION”.     Each page should be opened and all requested information boxes should be filled in.    There is also the ATTACHMENTS page where applicants will upload PDF or Word Doc files to support their application. 

Each time the user logs back in, they will see the following screen that will list their pending application and allow them to select and open the application to modify.

Users may move around using the tabs buttons or fill in each page in order using the NEXT button at the bottom of the screen to move on to the next section of the application.    At the bottom of the screen, users will also see a “SAVE and FINISH LATER” button that will allow them to save their application and come back to the online site later to continue working on the application.     Once the applicant completes all their information, users should then click the “REVIEW MY APPLICATION” tab and the system will notify the user if they are missing any required information.    Once all required information is included, the user will click the “SUBMIT” button.   During the process, users will receive automated emails from the online system updating them on the progress of their account and application.

CCCF Executive Director Mark McCracken said “The online software essentially duplicates the paper copy application that has been used in past years.   So long as the person filing the online grant application has experience using websites to enter information, they should be able to easily complete their application.    If they have any problems, each screen does have a clickable link “If you have any questions – Click here to contact us” and the user can email us directly with any questions or problems”.

CCCF Grant Committee Chair Lisa Kovalick added “Moving to a fully online paperless system will make it easier for organizations to apply, for the Grant Committee to review and score the applications and allow the Charitable Foundation to confirm grant funds are used properly and in a timely manner.   Having this system in place will also provide vital tracking and historical data that the CCCF Board of Directors can use to confirm the impact the community grant program is having on population groups, specific communities in the county and to track where and how funds were used”.

The Clearfield County Charitable Foundation Board of Directors and the Grant Review Committee encourage any organization that may have a viable project to visit the CCCF website starting on August 8th and file a grant application.    It should be noted, filing organizations do not have to be a 501c3, but organizations that are not a 501c3 will need to partner with a municipal government or a 501c3 organization to serve as the pass thru agent for the grant funding.   

Glen Richey Fireman’s Rec Park receives CCCF Grant Funding

Pictured Front L-R, Rec Park Committee Members Shirley and Paul Snyder, Kathy and Rodney Collins, Roger Mays and CCCF Exec Director Mark McCracken.   Row 2 Softball Team Players who use Rec Park Fields L-R, Brooke Doan, Lily McBride,  Dalayni Kushner and Ellie McBride, Back Row, Area kids enjoying the new playground equipment Jackson Ludwig and Ethan Vezza.

The Glen Richey Fireman’s Recreation Park recently received $3,000 grant funding from the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation to complete the installation of new playground equipment at the park.     $1,500 of the funding came from the Kurtz Clearfield, Curwensville, Lawrence Township Fund that was established by Robert and Marilyn Kurtz to assist in community improvement and recreation projects in the 3 named municipalities.

In accepting the grant, Kathy Collins said “the committee continues to make improvements to the Rec Park because so many children and young people, not only from the Glen Richey community, but from surrounding areas utilize the facility.   There are softball games almost every evening and weekends here.   The playground itself sees heavy use by the kids and the entire grounds is used for walking and exercising by people of all ages”.      Rodney Collins noted “we were able to order the new equipment and got a great price on everything, but it needed to be properly and safely installed.    With the grant funding from the Charitable Foundation, we were able to bring in a firm to assemble and install the equipment meeting all safety requirements.   They used cement to properly secure the equipment and put down a base of wood chips so the kids will be safe”.      Roger Mays said “this equipment will be here for many years for the community to use and enjoy.    We appreciate the support from the Charitable Foundation”.

Charitable Foundation Executive Director Mark McCracken said “The CCCF Grant Committee ranked the Glen Richey Fireman’s Recreation Park project very high in the list of grant requests last year, and, because of the funds specifically available from the Kurtz Clearfield, Curwensville and Lawrence Township Fund, the Charitable Foundation was able to fully fund the grant amount requested”.    There is additional significance in the funding from the Kurtz CCL Fund because the Kurtz family has a long history of supporting and funding community playgrounds throughout the greater Clearfield area.   McCracken added “I’m sure this is the type of project Bob and Marilyn Kurtz had in mind when they set up the Kurtz CCL Fund”.      McCracken also reports the Charitable Foundation’s 2022 grant cycle will be opening in August and the Charitable Foundation Board is excited to announce that a new online grant application system will be up and running for the 2022 grant cycle.    Further information will be announced in late July about how organizations can utilize the online system to file their 2022 grant application requests.

2022 Marsha Novey Scholarship reconnects 3 families and brings back memories.

Pictured L-R, Marty Novey, Lora Vaow, Riley Vaow, Hannah Salvatore-Trinidad, Wendy Salvatore and Alane Seidel

The annual student scholarship awards ceremony held at the Clearfield Area High School on May 25th saw a reunion of 3 families that brought back over 40 years of memories.   For 2022, the Novey family selected Class of 2022 Salutatorian Riley Vaow and classmate Hannah Salvatore-Trinidad as the recipients of the Marsha Novey Memorial Scholarship.    Established by the Novey family to honor the memory of Marsha Novey, the scholarship is awarded annually to graduating seniors of Clearfield Area High School who have excelled in their academic courses while participating on the swim team.

In early May, the Novey family selected their 2 scholarship recipients for 2022 and Marty Novey made phone calls to the 2 recipients to share the news.     At the Vaow home, Riley took the call and informed her mother Lora that she was going to be one of the 2022 recipients of the Marsha Novey Memorial Scholarship.    Lora said “hearing this, I immediately had a strong emotional response.    I knew and remembered Marsha as a teammate on the Clearfield swim team when I was in high school.    I was a year behind Marsha, but I remembered her as a team leader and that we had taken the lifeguard course together and got our certifications at the same time.     I also flashed back to the sadness everyone who knew Marsha felt when she died at such a young age’.

The connection between the Novey and Salvatore family was even closer.     Marsha Novey and Wendy Salvatore both were members of the CHS Class of 82 and this is the 40th Reunion year for their graduating class.    Wendy recounted “When Marty called, I was so proud to hear that Hannah was being awarded Marsha’s scholarship by the Novey family, but it also reminded me of the loss and grief both our families shared together.   Marty was close friends with my brother Richie who died in an automobile accident in 1987 and he mourned that loss with our family.    Then, just 5 years later, the Novey family suffered the same loss when Marsha also died in an automobile accident.   We have a special bond of growing up together, graduating high school at the same time, and then helping each other through the loss of a sibling”. 

Because of the special connection with the 2 scholarship recipients and their families, Marty Novey and his sister Alane Seidel made the 4 ½ hour drive from their homes in Maryland to present this year’s scholarship awards.     Marty and Alane see in Riley and Hannah qualities that Marsha would have appreciated in both academics and athletics.     Lora and Wendy both agreed that Marsha was a role model and a person they would want their daughters to pattern their lives after.   They said “Riley and Hannah can both look at the example Marsha set as she was working in the field of human services helping foster children in the Harrisburg area at the time of her death”.      As they reminisced, Marty, Alane, Lora and Wendy noted “40 years ago, we were all getting ready for Marsha and Wendy to graduate high school and Lora was finishing her junior year.    Marsha and Richie were both still with us and our future was ahead of us.   We could never have predicted that we would be together here in 2022 celebrating Riley and Hannah while also sharing some precious memories”.

The Marsha Novey Memorial Scholarship is one of the many scholarships established with the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation.     CCCF Executive Director Mark McCracken said “this story of the 2022 recipients of the Marsha Novey Memorial Scholarship is a prime example of the positive impact that a memorial scholarship fund can have on families and communities.    The Novey family established Marsha’s scholarship to keep her memory alive and to provide deserving students with financial assistance.    This year, the connection with the recipients and their families made the scholarship presentation even more special for everyone”.      The Clearfield County Charitable Foundation is available to help any family or organization establish an endowment or scholarship funds to benefit people and communities in Clearfield County.     For more information or to make a donation to any of the scholarship funds, visit the website www.clearfieldcharitablefoundation.org or email any questions to cccfexecdir@outlook.com

CCCF Announces New Scholarships Available for 2022

The Clearfield County Charitable Foundation has added 4 new scholarship funds that will award scholarships to graduating seniors in 2022.    This is in addition to the existing 24 scholarship funds that awarded over $50,000 in scholarships to over 40 student recipients in 2021.     The new scholarship funds and the criteria for each are as follows:

SCOTT BEERS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – Established by the parents, family and friends of Scott Beers, this scholarship honors the memory and life of Scott who died in an ATV accident in October of 2018.   Scott was a 2017 graduate of CCCTC and was attending Edinboro University on a full scholarship from First Energy Corp pursuing his dream to become an electric line worker at the time of his death.   The Scott Beers scholarship will be awarded annually to a graduate of the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center who is enrolled to continue their education in a post secondary college, trade or technical school.    The Beers scholarship committee is looking to award the scholarship to a student who has completed their course work at CCCTC in good standing, has a financial need and has experienced and overcome some obstacles in life.    Applicants will need to submit a letter of recommendation and complete a 500 word essay describing a life obstacle they have overcome and the impact it had on their life.    Applications for the Scott Beers Memorial Scholarship will be available after March 1st in the Guidance Office at CCCTC.


ARDELL BRESSLER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – Established by Mr. Bressler’s niece and his estate, this scholarship honors his 25 years as an English teacher at Clearfield Area High School.   Many of Mr. Bressler’s students fondly remember the positive impact he had on them.     To continue his impact on current and future Clearfield High School students, the Ardell Bressler Scholarship will be awarded annually to a graduate of Clearfield Area High School who achieved good grades in their English studies throughout their high school career.    Staff members of the CHS English Department will form the committee who will annually review the scholarship applications and award the scholarship to a graduating senior.     Applications for the Ardell Bressler Memorial Scholarship will be available after March 1st in the Guidance Office at Clearfield Area High School.

ARNOLD AND ETHEL CAMERON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – Established by the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, the Cameron Scholarship Committee will be accepting applications submitted by 2022 graduates of the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center and Jeff Tech.    Criteria the committee will be considering include applicants must be graduating in good standing with the CCCTC or Jeff Tech, have a financial need and are enrolled and accepted into a trade or technical school to continue their education in the fall of 2022.   Interested students can pick up an application for the Cameron Scholarship after March 1st in the Guidance Departments at CCCTC and Jeff Tech.    The application will require letters of recommendation be submitted.

REITZ THEATER PERFORMING ARTS SCHOLARSHIP – The Reitz Theater Performing Arts Scholarship has been established by Cultural Resources Inc., to provide scholarship opportunities to graduating seniors who have been involved in productions or programs at the Reitz Theater.   The scholarship selection committee will give special consideration to a student who is pursuing further education and a career in the performing arts.    Applications for the Reitz Theater Performing Arts Scholarship are available at www.reitztheater.com and hard copies will be available after March 1st at the guidance offices of high schools in the DuBois area.

Clearfield County Charitable Foundation Executive Director Mark McCracken said “The Charitable Foundation is excited to add these 4 new scholarship funds to our existing portfolio of available scholarships.    Adding these new funds gives even more scholarship opportunities to graduating seniors in high schools throughout Clearfield County.    The Charitable Foundation Board of Directors thanks the families and friends who have entrusted us to manage and grow these scholarship funds that will benefit graduating seniors for many years to come”.

Anyone interested in donating to the 4 new scholarship funds or any of the existing scholarship funds can visit www.clearfieldcharitablefoundation.org, click the heading ONLINE DONATION TO A SCHOLARSHIP FUND and then scroll and select the blue button for the scholarship fund you want to donate to.  Or you can mail a donation check to the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation and write the scholarship fund name in the check’s memo field.   Send the donation check to: Clearfield County Charitable Foundation, PO Box 1442, Clearfield PA 16830 

Clearfield Skate Park Committee Completes Installation of New Ramp

Mark McCracken, left, Executive Director Clearfield County Charitable Foundation presents Dalton Kendrick from the Clearfield Skate Park Committee a CCCF grant to help fund the ramp purchase and installation. The new ramp can be seen in the background.

The Clearfield Skate Park Committee recently added a new mini ramp to the back corner of our local skate park. 

In late August, a 3 1/2 foot tall by 16-foot wide mini ramp was purchased from Keen Ramps, a specialty ramp manufacturer based out of Long Beach, California. The ramp arrived in late October and was completed during the first week of November. 

This is the first ramp that the committee has constructed since starting its fundraising efforts in the summer of 2020. Designed to serve all patrons from beginner to advanced, the ramp offers a unique experience that has already brought visitors from surrounding counties despite the change in weather and available daylight. 

The project was funded through various contributions including a grant from the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation for $445 which was supplemented with an additional donation from the foundation. 

The committee raised additional funds through various events. An ongoing GoFundMe campaign and various donations from local supporters generated the final monies needed to complete the purchase. 

The ramp was unloaded with the help of borough road crew and constructed with the help of Fred Weaver, Dalton Kendrick, Brian Graham, Andy Moore, and Issac Maines.

The mission of the Clearfield Skate Park is to provide a safe and sustainable facility for skateboarders, bicyclists, scooter riders, roller skaters, and roller bladers in the Clearfield area. 

Improvements to this facility will continue to support local youth through providing a creative and physical outlet while also providing opportunities for mentoring as these activities connect individuals of all ages.

The Clearfield Skate Park Committee is planning future projects for the spring of 2022 and it is still seeking financial and material donations to complete the next phase of construction.  If you are interested in donating, please consider visiting www.GoFundMe.com/f/clearfield-skatepark or sending a donation to Clearfield Skate Park Fund, 6 S. Front Street, Clearfield PA, 16830.

Checks should be made payable to Clearfield Borough with a memo “Skate Park”.  Donations that are designated for the skate park are eligible to be claimed as charitable donations on income taxes. 

To follow the Skate Park Committee’s progress and receive information about future events, follow their Facebook and Instagram pages @clearfieldskatepark.

Clearfield County Charitable Foundation Announces 2021 Grant Awards

Presenting a 2021 CCCF Grant to the Clearfield Swimming Pool Association is  CCCF Executive Director Mark McCracken with (from left to right) Pool Association members, Margaret “Lady” Putt – Pool Assoc. Vice President, Tristen Buck – Pool Manager, Becky Johnson – Pool Assoc. Treasurer and Brian Marshall – Pool Assoc. President pictured with one of the new replacement filters. Accepting the grant, Marshall said “The Clearfield Swimming Pool Association appreciates the $3,000 grant award from the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation. The grant will help us pay the cost of much-needed new covers for the pool filters, which should last about twenty years.  The support of the community, including the Foundation, helps us keep the pool affordable for the people of Clearfield County”. 

For the 2021 grant cycle, the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation received 27 applications from community organizations requesting funding plus four applications from Osceola Mills community organizations that are eligible to apply annually for funding from the Sara Jane Mattern Fund.  

All 31 applications were turned over to members of the CCCF Grant Review Committee for their individual review and scoring. On October 15th, the Grant Review Committee members met to rank all applications and complete funding recommendations to the Charitable Foundation Board.  

At their October 29th board meeting, the Charitable Foundation Board reviewed the recommendations and approved the following grant awards:

Bilger’s Rocks Association -$2,636.00 – To pave handicapped parking and sidewalk

Bob Perks Fund -$1,200.00 – Financial assistance for citizens undergoing cancer treatments

Bucktail Council BSA -$1,000.00 – Workforce development and BSA Merit Badge Program

Catholic Charities Counseling and Adoption Serv. -$500.00 – Supplies for Pregnancy and Parenting Program

Central PA Community Action -$2,500.00 – Funding for new location for Clearfield Food Pantry

Central PA Food Bank -$1,000.00 – Fresh Express Mobile Food Distribution Program,

Clear-Centre Pool – Osceola Mills -$1,500.00 – Purchase pool vacuum

Clearfield Chamber of Commerce -$1,000.00 – Life Fast Forward Program – for HS Students

Clearfield County Cancer Support Inc. -$2,000.00 – To assist citizens undergoing cancer treatment

Clearfield County Public Library -$330.00 – To purchase wireless printer for mobile library

Clearfield Studio Arts Theater -$1,200.00 -Cost for 55 students to attend PSU Theater Arts Program

Clearfield Swimming Pool Association -$3,000.00 – Repair filtration system

Clearfield YMCA -$3,000.00 – Equipment to start Esports League for Youth

Cultural Resources Inc. -$750.00 – Projector for Reitz Theater

DuBois Area Historical Society  -$1,000.00 – Install interpretive panels for 150th anniversary

Glen Richey Fireman’s Recreational Park -$3,000.00- Playground equipment installation

God’s Cupboard – West Side UM Church -$1,000.00- Operate God’s Cupboard food program

Grampian Lions Club -$1,000.00 – Vision and hearing aid support

Joseph and Elizabeth Shaw Public Library -$2,500.00 – Replace public computers

Lawrence Township Volunteer Fire Co #1 -$670.00 – Fire Prevention Education for Clearfield and Lawrence Twp.

Mature Resources Foundation -$500.00 – Produce video, “Aging Matters” for local use

Osceola Mills Presbyterian Church -$1,000.00 – Create handicapped parking and entry

PA Wildlife Habitat Unlimited -$500.00 – Funding for PWHU Youth Field Day

REST Inc. $1,000.00 – REST Kinship Family Support Group Program

Salvation Army DuBois -$1,000.00 – Ark of Learning/Love in a Backpack Program funding

West Branch Elementary School -$1,000.00 – Reading books to give to elementary aged students

Young People Who Care -$900.00 -Emergency home repair projects in Clearfield

The following awards were made from the Sara Jane Mattern Fund to these organizations in the borough of Osceola Mills designated by the Mattern Estate to receive annual funding:

Columbia Fire Company -$2,807.25

Osceola Mills United Methodist Church -$2,807.25

Osceola Mills Community Library -$2,807.25

Osceola Mills Historical Foundation -$2,807.25   

The grant awards listed represent $27,622 from the CCCF Community Fund, $9,064 from the Kurtz Clearfield, Curwensville, Lawrence Township Fund and $11,229 from the Sara Jane Mattern Fund, for a total distribution of $47,915 to support community projects all over Clearfield County. 

The $47,915 in funding approved by the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation Board of Directors represents an increase of $27,670 over the amount of grant funding released last year.

Since 2006, the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation’s grant program has awarded over $202,000 to projects in communities across Clearfield County.

On behalf of the Charitable Foundation Board and Grant Review Committee, Charitable Foundation Executive Director Mark McCracken said “The projects awarded CCCF grant funding for 2021 represent many communities and some unique projects. The Grant Review Committee did a tremendous job ranking the applications and fairly distributing the available funding.  

“The projects receiving funding met the stated goals of the Charitable Foundation Board to support projects that will benefit youths, help those in need and promote projects that will improve communities”. 

Anyone who would like to contribute to help fund grants next year can do so by sending contributions to the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation, PO Box 1442, Clearfield PA 16830 by designating the donation to go to the Community Fund, the Kurtz CCL Donor Designated Fund or the Sara Jane Mattern Fund. Donations may also be made online via secure PayPal at www.clearfieldcharitablefoundation.org .