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How to Start A Fund

Are You Interested in Leaving A Lasting Legacy in Your Community?

Do You Want To Continue Supporting Organizations Even After You Are Gone?

If So, We Can Work With You to Create a Fund to Meet Your Goals and Objectives.

For those interested in effective charitable giving, there simply is not a better partner than a community foundation. When you establish a fund at the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation, you gain a partner in philanthropy.  The Charitable Foundation supports your giving by making available different types of funds that are flexible, innovative, and personalized.

The Charitable Foundation handles all administrative and investment responsibilities while donations to the funds are considered tax deductible because the Charitable Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization.


There are just a few steps to creating your own fund at the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation to become a part of local philanthropy in your community.

DECIDE WHEN TO GIVE – You can create your own fund now, establish it in your will (and become a member of the Kurtz Legacy Fund) or create it through a trust arrangement that benefits your family as well as charity. Tax deductions are earned at the time of your gift, while grants awarded from your fund will continue to benefit the community into the future.

DECIDE THE FINANCIAL SOURCE OF YOUR FUND – Almost any asset can be used to start your fund, such as cash, publicly traded securities, real estate, life insurance, tangible personal property and private foundation assets. We can also discuss other options such as bequests, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts and charitable gift annuities.

CHOOSE A TYPE OF FUND – We offer a variety of funds that are flexible to meet the donor needs and charitable interests:

  • DISCRETIONARY / UNRESTRICTED FUND: offers the broadest giving option, allowing funds to be available for our annual grant program.
  • DONOR DESIGNATED FUND: lets you support specific organizations while we make sure that grants to these groups remain relevant over time and responsive to changing circumstances.
  • ORGANIZATION/AGENCY FUND: are established by nonprofit organizations to provide income to them.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST FUND: provides funding directed to a specific issue or geographic area of interest to the donor.
  • DONOR ADVISED FUND: enables you to recommend specific organizations to receive grants annually.
  • SCHOLARSHIP FUND: allows you to establish an annual scholarship in memory of an individual to provide funds to individuals. You decide the criteria for the scholarship and designate a person or committee to oversee the annual selection of who receives the scholarship.

After you decide how you want your fund structured, the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation will prepare a fund agreement that outlines your charitable intent.   We will work with you now and manage your fund into the future to make sure it meets the goals and outcomes you desire.

For more information contact the CCCF at 814-592-7331, cccfinfo@yahoo.com, or by writing to PO Box 1442, Clearfield PA 16830.