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The following made donations

to our funds in 2020

Theresa Ammerman

Sharon Arndt

Howard Barton

Sally Belin

Steven Bell

David Black

Jonell Brannon

Gina and Larry Burge

Anthony Czap

Gregory Clarke

Clearfield Corner Concert Series

Clearfield County Recreation & Tourism Authority

Steven Croft

Jane W. Davis

John Deininger

Diamond Back Automotive for Callie Beck

Vincent Dimperio

DuBois Rotary Club

Dan and Annette Fishbone

Sharon Foreman

Gayle Gearhart

Nancy Gilbert

Kathryn Greene

Robert and Melissa Harpster

Susan Hartzfeld

Glenna Heck

Lewis Kelligher

Kurtz Bros.

Robert M. Kurtz Jr.

Marquette Associates

Kelly Matsko

Rosemary L. Maurer

Mark and Kelly McCracken

Brenda Miller

Matt Milliron and Valarie Miceli

D. Austin and Colleen Morrow

Greg and Karen Norris

Nursing Class of 2020

Polish Citizens Club of DuBois

Julie Rickard

Riverview Bank

Riverview Bank Trust Dept.

Sandra Schenck

Ronald J. Scipione     

Jack and Aggie Shannon

Margaret Shearer

John and Sonia Shimko

Joan Shimmel

Gregory Shirey

Michael and Sharon Shone

James V. and Chris Simler

Marven A. Smith

Thomas Snyder

John Soult III

Molly Spaeder

Andrea Stahl

Thomas J. and Diane G. Sturniolo

Ann Thompson

Frank and Kathleen Toven

John Troxell

Cynthia J. Troy

Larry E. and Nancy C. Tyger

Steven Von Gunden

William Walker

Richard and Zoe Withey

Andrew Woolridge

The following made donations

to our funds in 2019

Judy Ackerman

Theresa J. Ammerman

Ancient Gastronomical Order of Rattling Reptiles

Avon Plastics

Howard Barton

Larry and Lisa Axelrod

Dana Beauseigneur

William Beezer

Tamara Berg

Art and Gayle Beveridge

David Black

Rhonda Stein Bogante

Boyles Insurance

Jonell Brannon

Tracy Branthoover

Richard and Alyse Brovitz

John and Sylvia Bumbarger

David Burns

Mary Ann Butler

Anthony and Sharon L. Campomizzi

Patrick J. Chieppor

Matthew and Michelle Chverchko

Elizabeth Cingle

Clearfield Soccer Association

Kathy Cleary

Robert and Patty Coldiron

Gary and Diane Collier

Karl Colyer

Copetex International Inc.

Matt and Nancy Condon

Scott and Terri Conklin

Country Garden Market of Philipsburg

Steven Croft

Rita Curtorillo

Anthony Czap

Michael and Joselyn Czap

Diamond Back Auto Accessories Inc.

Steve DeCapua

John and Cindee Decker

Tim and Judy Decker

Susan DeBlase

Emily Deininger

John Deininger

DelGrosso’s Amusment Park Inc.

Vincent D’Imperio

Diana M. Diana

The Dishauzi Family Trust

Helen Dixon

Amy and William Doran

DuBois Rotary Club

Timothy and Beth Dunlap

David and Cathy Farley

Dan and Annette Fishbone

Arnold Foradori Jr.

Gloria J. Fox

Foxhead Pool Team

Mary Beth Franco

Daniel and Marie Frank

Heather Fuelberth

Maureen Gathagan

James and Sandra Gonder

Jess and Helen Granville

Lady Mounties Basketball Booster Club

Cory and Laurie Greenawalt

Howard and Laurie Greenawalt

Kathryn Greene

Frank and Ruth Ann Guyer

Kim Haker

Tracy and Gina Harasti

Samuel and Kelley Hardy II

J. Winston Harper

Janet Harpster

Jodi Harpster

John and Bobbi Harpster

Robert and Melissa Harpster

R. Wayne and Marjorie R. Harpster

Glenna Heck

Noranne R. Heifner

J. Heitner

Jim Henry

Gerald and Tara Holden

Kathy Honer

Hurricanes Blue

Carrie Inwards

Jackson’s Bar & Grille

Corey Jagdmann

Elizabeth Janik

K& H Beverage Inc.

Donald and Margaret Kassab

Joseph Kephart Sr.

Alan and Joyce Kitko

Bradley J. and Jamie Krisher

Rod and Carol Kuntz

Kurtz Bros.

Robert M. Kurtz Jr.

Lady Mounties Basketball Booster Club

Lezzer Holdings Inc.

Esther Long

Loyal Order of the Moose Morrisdale

Harry and Tracey Lumadue

Shaylie Maney

Martha Mangan

Jenny Mays

James and Martha McCamley

James McDowell

Anthony and Jannell McKinney

Brenda S. Miller

Robert and Denise Miller

Jeff and Deb Mitchell

DA and Colleen Morrow

Ryan and Jayde Mostyn

Nathaniel Murarik

Edward and Caroline Murn

Alan and Cynthia Murphy

Leroy and Sandra L. Myers

Navaco Industries

Charles Navasky & Co. Inc

Aaron W. Neideigh

Devon B. Neideigh

Brian and Cathy Nelson

Gladys Novey

O Town 4 Hotel

Bud and Janice O’Brien

Carl Raymond Olson

Ted Patterson

Philipsburg Area School District

Doris Piedmo

Jeffrey and Christina Powell

Sara Radomsky

Robert Reeder Jr.

Julie Rickard

Jacqueline Rishel

Joseph and Brenda Ryan

Kristen Ryan

St. Anthony’s Beneficial Society Lithuanian Club

Carolyn Schenk

Ronald Scipione

Peter Shah

James and Glenda Lee Shearer

Dottie Shields

Joan Shimmel

Gregory Shirey

Alan Siegel

Jay Silberblatt

Terry C. Smith

Marjorie Stewart

Raymond and Maryann Stout

James Stoner

Judith Stratton Trust from CNB

Harry Stryker

Tom and Diane Sturniolo

Suburban Building Center

Dorothy Sudik

Jim and Terry Taylor

Mia Taylor

Barbara Toman

John Troxell

Cynthia Troy

Donna Tubbs

Tyrone Fishing Club

Tony Vadala

Valley Voices

Stephen Von Gunden

Walter Hopkins & Company LLP

Gene and Beth Wardo

Donna J. Wasilko

Bryan Watson

Web Sales USA

Jamie Whitehead

Thomas and Kari Whitehead

Victor Winocur

Richard and Zoe Withey


Ann Wood

Richard and Karen Wood

Andrew Woolridge

Debra Wooster

Women of the Moose Morrisdale

Darlene Wriglesworth

YMCA of Centre Co.

Your Building Center

David and Lori Zimmerman

Michele Zuckerman

The following made donations

to our funds in 2018

Alan Walker

Andrew Woolridge

Betty and Leon Crookshank

Betty Kenny

Beverly Gill Wilson

Brenda S. Miller

Carol and Charles Harvey

Carol L. Stringer

Carole and Bradley Ireland

Cathy Kassab and David Abler

CBT Trust Employees

Cecilia Kyler

Charles and Mary Greenland

Cheryl and Silvino Pazcoguin

Chris Crago

Christine and Barry Ritchey

Class of 2018 Educational Foundation

Clearfield Cycle Club

Corrine Lane

Cynthia S. Heins

Darlene Wriglesworth

David A. Bailey

David Back

David R. Reed

Deborah D. Knapp

Debra E. and Vincent D’Imperio

DelGrosso Amusement Park

Diana and Larry Diana Leigy

Diana M. Diana

Diane Apfelbaum

Dick Miller

Elizabeth Janik

Emily J. Deininger

Gathagan Investment Co.

Gina and Tracy Harasti

Gregory A. Shirey

Helen Joan Miller

Hembolt & Stewart, Inc.

Homewood at Martinsburg

Howard Barton

Jack Lansberry

Jane W. Davis

Jay Silverblatt

Jenny Mays

Jill Burge

Joan Shimmel

Joanne M. Strate

John Deininger

John G. Soult Jr.

Jonell and Bruce Brannon

Judy and Verney Peters

Kathryn A. Andros & LuAnn Hummel

Kurtz Bros.

Lisa and Robert and Vinglish

Lucinda Potter

Margaret and Vincent Strate

Marjorie Stewart

Mary Beth Franco

Mary Kerstetter

Michael L. Peters

Michele and Richard Hatton

Moshannon Valley Pharmacy Inc.

Noranne R. Heifner

Patricia A. Gathagan

Peg and Ron Porter

Pharm-Assist, Inc.

Rex and Claudia Read

Richard D. Gathagan

Robert Hess

Robert M. Kurtz Jr.

Ronald Scipione

Sam Mollica

Sandra and David Deininger

Sandra Schenk

Sarah and Anthony P. Biamonte

Sharkey, Piccirillo & Keen LLP

Sue Kordish

Susan and William Fulton

Theresa Ammerman

Thomas and Diane Sturniolo

Vickie K. Roudabush

Vincent J. D’imperio Jr.

Zoe and Richard and Withey