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Information – The Kurtz Legacy Society

The Kurtz Legacy Society is a list of individuals, couples or families who have named the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation as the beneficiary of any type of planned or deferred gift through estate planning or other deferred contributions.      

Membership in The Kurtz Legacy Society is voluntary and self-reported and requires two steps:

First, consult with your attorney or financial advisor to include a planned gift in favor of the Charitable Foundation to occur at some point in the future.    Bequests within Wills are the most common methods used to leave a gift to the Charitable Foundation.    However, you may also make the Charitable Foundation the beneficiary of IRA/401K plans, insurance policies, establish a charitable trust in favor of the Charitable Foundation, or use other methods.   

Second, inform the Charitable Foundation by submitting a letter to the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation requesting to become a member of the Kurtz Legacy Society and detailing the deferred gift you will be leaving to the Charitable Foundation.    The Charitable Foundation Board will review your letter and, if the deferred gift qualifies, you will be listed as a member of the Kurtz Legacy Society. 

There is no minimum amount needed to qualify for the Kurtz Legacy Society if your donation is designated to go to an existing CCCF fund.    However, if you wish to establish a new Named Fund, the donation to establish the new fund must meet our minimum initial donation requirements to establish a new fund.    We do not ask how much is being left to the Charitable Foundation, but we encourage donors to discuss their gifts with us or have their attorney or financial planner consult with us to make sure we can comply with their wishes.

Members of the Kurtz Legacy Society
Carl and Carol Belin
John and Sue Kordish
Robert and Marilyn Kurtz
Rex Lettie
Kevin and Joan McMillen
Joel and Cindy Peterson
John G. and Lisa Soult Jr.
Jane Lee Yare