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Other Ways to Donate – Estate Planning and Kurtz Legacy Society

The Clearfield County Charitable Foundation will work with you and your attorney on estate planning. If you are interested in making your community better, we help you set up a fund that will benefit a specific community, area of interest or agency that you would like to help. You can also designate donations in your estate planning to any of our existing scholarship or endowment funds. Another option detailed below is the KURTZ LEGACY SOCIETY.

Joining The Kurtz Legacy Society

Our Kurtz Legacy Society honors those who have included a planned gift to the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation (CCCF) in their estate plan and have informed the Charitable Foundation of their commitment. The gift can create a new fund to benefit area non-profit organizations (one or more), or it can be added to an existing fund.

Such planned giving represents not only the generosity of the donor; by naming the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation in an estate plan, the donor is helping to ensure that the positive impact that such a gift will provide can extend into the future and benefit the Clearfield community for years to come. The CCCF can be named as the beneficiary, or another non-profit organization or fund through the CCCF can be designated.
The Kurtz Legacy Society members may designate the use of the distributions from their future gifts, or may leave the distributions to the discretion of the CCCF’s Grants Committee. A Kurtz Legacy Society gift may be used to establish a new Named Fund (if the size requirements are met) or may be added to any of the Charitable Foundation’s existing funds.

Bequests are the most common methods used to leave a gift to CCCF. However, donors may also make the Charitable Foundation the beneficiary of IRA/401K plans, insurance policies, establish a charitable trust in favor of the Charitable Foundation, and or use other methods. All can qualify a person or couple for membership in the Society.

Gifts supporting the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation will ensure our ability to create a better future for all of us.
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