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CCCF Gives Grant to New Food Bank in Coalport

Sean Rockmore – Family and Community Partnership Coordinator for CenClear accepts grant funding check from Mark McCracken – Executive Director of the CCCF.

The Clearfield County Charitable Foundation recently awarded CenClear $1,250 from the CCCF 2020 Community Grant Program to help fund the Lightner Food Bank Program that helps families in the communities of Coalport, Irvona and Beccaria Township.

In accepting the grant check, Sean Rockmore, the Family and Community Partnership Coordinator for CenClear said “The Coalport Food Bank is made possible with contributions from the John Lightner Trust Fund. The funds support assistance to low-income families in Beccaria Township and the boroughs of Coalport and Irvona”.
Mr. Rockmore went on to explain “The grant funding from the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation will allow CenClear to purchase food-only gift cards for $25.00 each from the local grocery store Leyo’s who we are partnering with in this endeavor. The gift cards are paired with a box of non-perishable grocery items donated by the CenClear Food Bank”.
Charitable Foundation Executive Director Mark McCracken stated “There is a great need for food bank services in the Coalport / Irvona area and it is encouraging to see the collaborative efforts by CenClear, the Lightner Trust and Leyo’s market to meet this need. The CCCF Grant Committee reviewed the grant application submitted by CenClear and was pleased to award funds to this important program that helps families in the communities of Coalport, Irvona and the surrounding Beccaria Township”.
Mr. Rockmore reported so far the food bank is serving 20 families a month in the designated communities and mentioned that CenClear continues to seek additional financial support to supplement the funding from the Lightner Fund. Mr. Rockmore also recognized the work the food bank staff at CenClear does to help him prepare the food boxes and gave special recognition to Leyo’s for their support of the project.