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The Clearfield County Charitable Foundation was formed on November 4, 2001.  It came into being as a result of the work of many interested Clearfield County residents over a number of years.  The final push came in 2004, the Bicentennial year of the founding of Clearfield County.

The Charitable Foundation benefits many communities, groups and individuals in Clearfield County through the collection of private gifts and donations that fund both endowments and scholarship funds.  These funds can respond to the emerging and changing needs of Clearfield County, provide a conduit for gifts from donors with varied interests and enable any individual, corporation, association, no matter the size, to become a philanthropist.

 The Charitable Foundation strives to serve as a resource broker and catalyst all over Clearfield County through leveraging other funds to support worthy local projects, stimulating public-private partnerships and assisting other area grant makers.  It also serves as a politically neutral community leader and convener and is often the “eyes and ears” discovering ways to support the fund from various other local, regional, state and federal sources.

 Through its many efforts, the Charitable Foundation hopes to enhance the quality of living in Clearfield County.  This will be accomplished by nurturing and sustaining a broad range of community services that promote health, education, social welfare, fine arts, conservation and ecology.

Board members are civic-minded county residents, representing a broad spectrum of public and private interests.  All serve without remuneration and share a common interest in keeping Clearfield County a wonderful place to live and work.

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