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The CCCF honors Robert and Marilyn Kurtz for their Support

Pictured L-R – Bob Kurtz is presented a plaque from CCCF Board Chairman Kevin McMillen in recognition of the leadership and support Mr. Kurtz and his wife Marilyn have provided to the Charitable Foundation.

To conclude a week of events to celebrate reaching the milestone $10 million value of all funds established with the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation, the CCCF board held a special recognition dinner for Bob and Marilyn Kurtz.  

CCCF Board Chairman Kevin McMillen presented Mr. Kurtz with a plaque that read “On this occasion as we celebrate the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation passing the $10 Million milestone in combined value for our endowment and scholarship funds, we pause to recognize the role Robert M. Kurtz, Jr. played in founding and building the organization. From the initial meetings to discuss forming a community based charitable foundation, it was your vision, encouragement and leadership that was responsible for making the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation the success it is today. Building on the philanthropic legacy the Kurtz family established in the Clearfield community, the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation’s mission is to support communities across Clearfield County and strive to make lives better for our fellow citizens. Thank you for all you have done for the community and the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation”.

Joining the Charitable Foundation board to honor Mr. and Mrs. Kurtz were members of community organizations that benefit from the various Kurtz funds including the Clearfield YMCA, the Clearfield County Historical Society, the Joseph and Elizabeth Shaw Public Library along with Mr. and Mrs. Monty Kunes representing Kurtz Bros. and several close long time friends of the Kurtz family.

Mr. Kurtz gave a brief speech to conclude the dinner where he stated “It was my vision back in the mid 1990’s to establish a community charitable foundation similar to what was being done in Centre County. While it took several years to get everything up and running in 2007, both Marilyn and I are pleased to see that our vision of a real community based charitable foundation is a reality.  

“We are thankful for all the volunteer work people like Kevin McMillen and the other CCCF board members put into making the organization a success. We know that the Charitable Foundation is in good hands and much will be achieved in the future. We thank everyone involved with the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation”.