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Taylor Harpster T-HARP Memorial Scholarship Fund

Deadline for application April 26th 2021  

Taylor Harpster tragically died in a traffic accident 12/26/2018. Taylor was a 2010 Philipsburg- Osceola High School graduate. She was a leader in the class room & in the 3 sports she played. She worked and played hard for everything she did from good grades to playing on the court or field. She was a team player in all aspects of life.

This award is an un-common award. What makes this scholarship different is when looking for the most deserving candidate, one must take a step back and ask what would T-HARP do? This scholarship is intended for those individuals whose choices & passions reflect those of T-HARP. She was a team leader and cheerleader. She was always positive in life & beyond. Her sports career helped her achieve several awards. Including 2007 AA Softball State Championship, All State awards and local awards in volleyball, basketball & softball. In the end, sports were not what it was about. She was more interested in her studies, earning good grades & helping others. So, the individuals who earn this award will need to have what T-HARP would want.

Interested candidates must:

  • Be Philipsburg-Osceola senior furthering their education attending college, university or trade school.
  • Be in good standing in school & community.
  • Be involved in extra-curricular activities in PO school district or in the community Examples: work, band, drama, donating time for nonprofits, community service and school sports.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Complete the application.

2. Submit 2 letters of recommendation pertaining to applicant’s character- one from a teacher & one non- related person.

3. Complete short essay – details: We are looking for an uncommon hero, hard worker, friend and a good student who demonstrates these characteristics. Please tell us about yourself and how you best portray these characteristics. Explain how your passion will influence how you continue learn and accomplish your goals.

** The T-Harp Scholarship award will be 2 individuals awarded $1000 in the name of Taylor Harpster directly to the school or institution of higher learning.