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Make a Donation to a CCCF Endowment Fund

Click the button below of the Endowment Fund you wish to make a donation to. When you click the button, you will be taken to a secure PayPal account for the fund you have selected and you can proceed through the PayPal screens to process your donation. Within a few days of making your online donation, you will receive an acknowledgement letter from the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation which you should retain for your tax records. IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY PROBLEMS MAKING AN ONLINE DONATION, please contact us at cccfexecdir@outlook.com or by phone at 814-592-7331.

If you would like to see a brief description of a specific Endowment Fund, hover your mouse pointer over the button and the description will appear.

Discretionary Funds

Donate to Carl Jr. & Carol Belin Founders Fund Donate to William & Pat Bishop Founders Fund Donate to CBT Bank Financial Corp. Fund Donate to Kurtz Bros. Founders Fund Donate to CCCF Community Fund – Funds CCCF Grant Program Donate to Robert M. Jr & Marilyn Kurtz Founders Fund Donate to John K. Reilly Jr. & Mary Ann Reilly Memorial Fund

Donor Designated Funds

Donate to Clearfield Salvation Army Fund Donate to Sara Jane Mattern Fund – Dedicated to fund 4 specific organizations in the boro of Osceola Mills PA Donate to Bucktail Council / Camp Mountain Run Fund Donate to CCL Donor Designated Fund – Supports projects in the areas of Clearfield, Curwensville and Lawrence Twp. Donate to Curwensville Cemetery Association Fund Donate to Curwensville Library Building Fund Donate to Kurtz Community Fund which benefits – 1)Childrens Aid Society, 2)Clearfield County Historical Society, 3)Shaw Public Library, 4)Clearfield Salvation Army and 5)Clearfield YMCA

Donor Advised Funds

Donate to CNB Financial Corp. Fund Donate to John G. & Ann H. Soult Memorial Donor Advised Fund Donate to Robert M. Kurtz Jr. Donor Advised Fund Donate to Curwensville Regional Dev. Donor Advised Fund Donate to Resource Alternatives Fund

Administrative Funds

Donate to Heritage Founders Fund

Organization / Agency Endowment Funds

Donate to Area Agency on Aging Active Living Endowment Fund Donate to Childrens Aid Society Fund Donate to Clearfield Area United Way Endowment Fund Donate to Clearfield YMCA Fund Donate to the Joseph & Elizabeth Shaw Public Library Fund Donate to Clearfield County Historical Society Fund Donate to Clearfield (Hillcrest) Cemetery Company Fund Donate to Clearfield Community Pool Fund

Field of Interest Funds

Donate to Clearfield Revitalization Corporation Fund Donate to Kenneth McMillen Endowment Competitive Swimming Fund Donate to Basic Needs Fund